Window to Summer

by Dreampipe Vermin

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Window to Summer is a cozy collection of dreamy thoughts, sketchbook entries, nightmare thoughts, coping mechs, warm drinks, weathered lovenotes and glowy things. We and some friends did our best to get these songs into a listening format for everyone who has been so kind as to support us, listen to us, be in our lil lives! <3

These were written through the seasons of 2013-15 at Thigh High Clubhouse, in the Vulva through Northern Ontario & the Prairies, parking lots, blanket first in the House of Feels, Mo's Secret Creeks, Izzy's Not-So-Secret Rivers... We hope you can find something to hold on to in them!

Guitar & Vox: Mo Knight
Banjo & Vox: Izzy Burgwin
Fiddle: Devon Berquist
Mandolin: Remi
Mixed by: Cud Eastbound
Mastered by: Julian


released April 27, 2015

So many thank you's! <3

Though Dreampipe Vermin wears the guise of a two-piece folk band we are really made up of all the support, help, kindness and enthusiasm of others in our wee lives.

Thanks Remi & Devon for being so talented and stoked to jam with us <3 This album would be incomplete without yer help!

We love you Jess Montebello for telling us we were great even when we really were not so great--jess we wouldn't feel this loved and confident without you, we miss you every day!

Thanks to all the past Thigh High roommates who tolerated our practices.

Thanks to the arcade and all the nerds inside for putting us on bills and being welcoming and generally awesome.

Thank you to everyone who ever gave us a 5 drop busking.

Thank you so much Cud for saving the day and mixing this album on an atrociously tight schedule , and Julian for mastering. <3

Many fanks to all those who fed us, gave us places to stay, shows to play, while on tour, and on our way various places !

Thank you to all the cats and dogs who have touched our lives




Dreampipe Vermin Dawson, Yukon

Adventurous homebodies who make musics and crafts and coffee out of the Yukon Territory. Warm harmonies n twinklin strings~~ Cozy punks dreaming cozy dreams.

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Track Name: Dark Earth
Run Away

Is what I've been thinking lately,

Do away

With what's been on your mind

Cups of Coffee,

I'm awake or so they tell me

Earth and sky

are cast quite grey these days


But it's not an omen I take dark colours as a sign

that things are moving forward

Like things that grow inside the ground

They need dark earth all around

Things from the brightness are always coming from the dark.
Track Name: Waterside Pleas
This cold wind, it blows me,

Back to where I belong, bad to where I belong

By this water, where we sat so long ago,

Oh, it rips up dirty shores,

And I know I will expire,

Just please, don't let me go without a warning,

And I know that nothing is made to last, and I am grateful for this chance,

Just please, don't let me go


I need space to draw a line, I need a way to spend my time

I need paper, I need a pen, I need a sense that I had then.


That childlike sense of wonder

And it brings me down to know

That, if I tried to swim towards those mountains,

they would blow me out of the water

They have the guns they have that power

We can't go where we want to go
Track Name: Home
Let's rewatch our favourite movies and string them to memories,

Like the ones that we sew in our dreams

Remember walking home late at night

And riding on my bike through the city

Walk beside the river, the light looks so perfect in my head, in my head

I love what I chose to remember

And I love what I chose to forget

Nobody can be quite who you want them to be, obviously

I think I dreamt up your existence inside my idealized image

So leave me buried under the snow

Until it's shown just where the feeling goes

And why nostalgia is all that I know

Why nostalgia is all that I know,

Why nostalgia is all that I know.

I'm trying to be the best person I can be, but I can't be the best person I can... (Can hope be all that we have)

So let's find that home once more,

Unlock the door, and find that feeling we had before,

Find that feeling once more

Find that feeling once more.
Track Name: February Weather
I don't want to feel the way last February made me feel.

Your temporary eyes shoot slivers down my sides,

I can't sleep and night.

I'll pick up my pallet and I will paint a secret place

Where I will hide away, yes I will hide away

And you can come and stay if you promise me

That you'll help me build a nest that we don't ever have to leave

if we don't want to leave.

Why would we ever want to leave?

Our friends will live close

We will travel coast to coast

knowing that we have this place

that we can call our own

We call it our own

We call it our home
Track Name: Through Provinces
Clouds heavy on the roadside

Pine trees watching as the sky tears dry on the dash board window pane

trying to see through the fog

so much green

We can see the hands that paint these yellow highway ribbons

this ink ties us together.

The tips of the trees are starting to show yellow in their leaves.

Im ready to go home now.

Waves in the grass as we go on, as we grow on, as we go on

Rain pounds the glass as we go on, as we grow on, as we go on.
Track Name: Window to Summer
Our anxieties don't coincide anymore, at least at this time, thats for sure.

Winter's cold and harsh and my mood seems to reflect that.

I'll head out East, I need to disappear for a while, but Im not running away

to a place that I've idealized in my mind, in hopes that I'll find

solutions to problems unrelated to my geographic location

I'm just setting some goals for myself to keep distracted

from the wrong that seems to keep happening around here.

I'll feel better when it's summer

I'll come out from under the covers and go outside

I refuse to keep harbouring feelings of sadness and resentment

I'll decide what my plan is

explore this entire god damn planet

with you my friend

We'll stay inspired

Sleep out by fires.

Wake up to the brightness of natural light

We could go anywhere from here.

Pull over on the side of the road

Scream our lungs out at the sea shore, to the sky through empty meadows

We will grow in every make-shift home that we build along our way.