Super Gay True Love Story

by Dreampipe Vermin

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Silly love songs dating back to Dreampipe's first summer fling. Tales of friendship, adventure, magik, mtg, posi snails and vengeful witches.

Guitar & Vox: Mo Knight
Banjo & Vox: Izzy Burgwin
Fiddle: Devon Berquist
Mixed by: Cud Eastbound
Mastered by: Julian


released April 26, 2015

So many thank you's! <3

Though Dreampipe Vermin wears the guise of a two-piece folk band we are really made up of all the support, help, kindness and enthusiasm of others in our wee lives.

We love you Jess Montebello for telling us we were great even when we really were not so great--jess we wouldn't feel this loved and confident without you, we miss you every day!

Thanks to all the past Thigh High roommates who tolerated our practices.

Thanks to the arcade and all the nerds inside for putting us on bills and being welcoming and generally awesome.

Thank you to everyone who ever gave us a 5 drop busking.

Thank you so much Cud for saving the day and mixing this album on an atrociously tight schedule, and Julian for mastering!. <3

Many fanks to all those who fed us, gave us places to stay, shows to play, while on tour, and on our way various places !

Thank you to all the cats and dogs who have touched our lives




Dreampipe Vermin Dawson, Yukon

Adventurous homebodies who make musics and crafts and coffee out of the Yukon Territory. Warm harmonies n twinklin strings~~ Cozy punks dreaming cozy dreams.

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Track Name: Buy You A Deck
yer a weiner, we all know

we all miss you comin to shows

how dare you kick a snail,

you’re a shitty vegan, we can teelll


We all know you wanna be free,

what’s the chances of you going with me

back to BC, or go East,

Come back to Toronto and stay with me!

Ima Buy You a Deck

Maybe some brand new sleeves,

we got money in the bank (no we don’t!)

but we could go pan some cash

doo doo do doo do doo do do doo

Bronchitis or smokers cough?

You don't really know.

My banjo is probably out of tune

spend half the time tuning, and the other, out tune

Hah ha haha ha ha, that’s a knee slapper!

Never heard that one before!


doo doo do doo do doo do do doo

you’re so lovely and awkward

doo doo do doo do do doooooooooo
Track Name: Abandoned Barn (Far Away)
The old abandoned barn behind my childhood home

I used to go and draw inside it when I'd want to be alone

I'm almost 20 years old now and I still find, when I go back there,

little drawings that I left behind.

I remember the days when I brought friends to that place

but I don't think that I talk to most of those kids anymore.

But I still look back on times we shared and wonder if you still care,

or think of me like I still think of you.

Take me back to that place

Its weird how bus rides and walks bring out these memories I lost

Now Im tracing the shapes from everything that's collapsed under the weight

of all that it takes to stay calm and sure you've got your feet on the floor,

Take me far away

Spending hours and days out of time and out of place

Finding it harder each day to inhabit this head space

I swear its over-flowing

I am not of this body

If I were id find the strength to fix these walls that keep falling

Take me back to that place, Take me Far away.

Tale me back to that place so Far away.
Track Name: Jess Song
Jess when Im with you I know that Im at home

You've introduced me to so many people that I now know so well

I know that we've just met, but I swear to god that you are one of my best friends.


***What ever makes you happy, well, I hope this song it makes you happy too!***

Remember that time you told me that time you told me that you had to pee?

You said "I love you"

Well, I love you too!

You work so hard I can't believe that you still have time for PUNK ROCK!

We'd be lost without you


Art parties and folk music and Thigh High on your days off,

Bruschetta and acid.

We'll act as if we're normal even though that we know that we're not.

Hell know we're not!

Track Name: Leave Song
Why can't I go wondering without a stupid explanation as for why I can't stay?

The road is long, we have tons of time, and I know I missed the point,

or you would anyway.

This idea of owing reasons for choices that we feel without a cause,

will be the end of me I swear to god.


I'll turn into a leaf and need no more excuses for why I want to leave.

Except for the fact that seasons change.

its seen in nature that things can not stay the same,

so why on Earth would I stay the same.


My cup of coffee proves that you still have that sense of realization that

you could be a better you and

they could be a better them

there's always room for improvement

I didn't mean to sound preachy.

No, that was not the fucking point.

Track Name: Wild Dog
Could've been born as a wild wild dog

the I couldn't have to sing this song

or think these songs that drive me around the bend at night

Then again I could've been born as a pig for slaughter

and I wouldn't have a chance to do half the things that I can do


So Ill do what I can, respect who I can and be grateful of where I am

Shut up when its not my turn to talk, and move forward with what I've learned.

I will do my best to support my friends, cos their my family,

and I could only hope that they would do the same for me.


Could've been born as a tall oak tree with nothing more or less to do

then grow and watch the world go by with my roots growing down strong

then again I could've been born as a tree in a forest

doomed to end up in a bathroom stall with all of my friends.


I'll do what I can, respect who I am, be grateful of where I am

Shut up when its not my turn to talk and move forward with what I've learned

I will do my best to support my friends cos they're my family

and I know that they would do the same for me.
Track Name: Mother Ludlam
Well, I wonder who I'd found when I was young that I still keep around

Because I keep on saying goodbye to faces confused with places

Well, they told me tons of times,

don't leave behind all the ones that made you cry

but if there's one thing that this dead cave taught me

It's to let all their raging rivers dry,

it's to let all their raging rivers dry


Mother Ludlam

lives alone in a cave,

down by the abbey

where she once helped us humans out

Despite greed and thievery

She leant out her best black cauldron to two young and foolish men

who ran away, Oh, they ran away

with their cruelest of fortunes.

The stories go, the stories go,

They met their frightful end at the Abbey,

and a curse still lies on the rocks, and the trees,

at Waverley Abbey in Surrey.

Don't bring the dogs down, down down, down

Don't bring the dogs, down...

Oh, my darling, don't you sigh,

there are places all around where you can hide;

In stories, or in song, the pain won't last for long.